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September 11th, 2011 | Posted by Steve in Germany

(Photos shot mostly Sep. 4-5, 2011)

Hi All,

These are a few photos of my trip from LA to Weiden, Germany in Bavaria.  All of them are snapshots, so don’t expect any art here.

Despite having lots of time to pack I forgot a cable to download photos from my camera to the computer.  I was finally able to get out to buy one yesterday which makes this email possible.

I left the morning of Sep. 4.  The first 2 photos are from displays in a tourist shop at LAX.  They are kind of a reminder of leaving home & speak for themselves.  The first is through the display window, the second is from just inside the store.

(click on photos to enlarge)


Here it is the next day in Germany.  It is a view of our hotel, and I have yet to set foot in the place.  My room is on the 3rd floor (they call it the 2nd floor) out of the view to the right.  I am 9 hours ahead of Pacific time.  If it is 9:00 am here it is midnight on the west coast, etc.


This is reception & the lobby.  It is very small.  My room has no internet service even though my room is close (vertically) to the lobby.  The table has 2 chairs & space for 3 computers with one person standing.  Internet service in the lobby is just fine.  I sit at this table in the chair shown and go online to get news and do email.  This email is being sent from here.


There is no elevator so we have to carry our bags up the stairs.  This is the hallway on my floor.  My room would be about halfway down on the right.

The little sign on the ceiling indicates an interior stairway on the opposite side of a locked door that goes up to the 4th & 5th floors where long term residents stay.


Below is my room on the day of arrival (Sep 5).  I am midway in a state of unpacking.  The second shot is from Sep 10.

The room is narrow.  On the opposite side of the hall the rooms have a balcony which makes them some 3 feet smaller than mine.  That also makes the bathroom much smaller and leaves no room for luggage.

In the first photo the bed is at the left.  Just peeking out from behind the closet is a wall mounted light.  The on-off switch is just below the light.  The switch controls the little light and there is a second switch for the whole room.  Sometimes when I turn over in my sleep I hit the switch and all of the lights in the room go on.  Oops.

The red drapes are only about 3 feet wide each when fully extended.  Therefore they cover about half the width of the room.  At night I move them not quite to the center which gives a little bit of privacy


There are 2 windows behind the curtains shown in the 1st room photo.  Neither of them has a screen.  They both open allowing lots of air to circulate except on a hot day.  My room generally faces toward old town where there are 3 historic churches.  Everyday the bells ring, and everyday seems to have its own schedule of times and lengths.   The bells ring on the hour and sometimes on the half hour.  A few times a day the ringing goes on for 15 minutes at a time.  Fortunately they are toned down after 9 pm and don’t get loud again until 7 or 8 am.

Also in the first room photo and behind the curtains & my suitcase is a radiator.  The bathroom as well as all rooms I’ve seen in the hotel have radiators.  But there is no air conditioning.  That was not so bad the first week when it was overcast and rainy, but the weather changed Saturday.  Now it is warm and the room really heats up in the afternoon.

Behind and off to the right of my computer is the electrical outlet.  It is a recessed 220 volt receptacle.  The transformer/converter borrowed from my sister & brother-in-law is plugged in here and works quite well.  This is the only electrical outlet in the room itself.  There is one more in the bathroom.


Below is an interior view of the bathroom.  It is actually not as small as I originally thought except for the shower & tub which is very thin and stretches the length of the bathroom.  Standing in the shower in the morning I have to be careful turning around, but moving side to side is no problem.  This photo is taken as I am standing in the tub.

The toilet is built into the wall.  The flush is the black button above it.  The tank is built in behind the wall and under the shelf.  The hair dryer is plugged into the light fixture just out of the photo.  It is the only electrical outlet in the bathroom & took a while to find because it is up high and facing away from where you would stand to look for it.  The converter doesn’t seem to fit in this, but I attribute that to the poor quality of the plastic fixture and not to the quality of the converter.


This last one is a view from my hotel window, Saturday, Sep 10.  The sun came out around noon and it became both a beautiful and warm day.  The parking lot below is a city lot.  It operates 7 days a week from 9 am to 6 pm.  Parking is 1 Euro per hour, 2 hour maximum per ticket.  On the weekends it is not too full so if you leave your vehicle there and feed the meter every 2 hours the enforcement doesn’t seem to care.  The hotel has free parking a few blocks away and 5 spots underground.


That’s all for now.  The next email will show some of the older and more interesting buildings in the old town part of the city.



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