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January 7, 2012


January 7 turned out to be a warm, clear day in Austin.  It reminded me of Southern California after the Santa Ana winds have left & the smog begins to return.  The day was reserved for visiting and some sight seeing.

I asked Jonathan to show me the McCombs School of Business where he is studying for his MBA.  This is part of the McCombs building with the famous University of Texas tower showing behind it.  The business school seems to have two buildings now connected.  I think this was the original one.  The Honor Roll Lobby is found here.

This is the entrance where we walked in.

The building has a very large interior atrium, shown here.

Up on the second floor is the Ford Career Center, a place where students must often visit.  It was dark, empty, and separated by a wall of glass from the corridor.  I was intrigued and decided I wanted a photo.  I removed the lens hood from my camera, placed the front of the lens against the glass and made this shot.  Placing the lens against the glass got rid of any glare from behind me.  The meter and the 9 stops the sensor picks up made the shot look like the office was lit normally.

On the opposite wall from the Ford Career Center I noted this poster offering advice to the business students.  The advice applies to other pursuits.  I have found business, politics, war, even sports are sometimes all the same.

This is the Honor Roll Lobby.  In the middle background is are old furnishings from a stock exchange.

Kitty corner from the business school is the Gregory Gymnasium.  Named for its principal sponsor, Thomas W. Gregory who was once Attorney General of the United States under President Wilson.  The building was built in 1930.  A newer building or annex is attached at the south and covered over to form a spacious atrium.  The annex has exercise machines, handball courts, a rock climbing wall, and other facilities.

From there we walked over to the University of Texas Tower.  It was completed in 1937 and serves as the most distinguishing landmark of the university.  Along the south side of the building is the original cornerstone of the University.

The view south from the steps of the tower building leads to the Texas State Capitol building in the distance, shown above.  A fountain lies near the southern edge of the university along a promenade of statues.  The opposite view from north from the fountain to the tower is the photo leading off this post.  The fountain had no water in it, probably because this was between semesters.

Here are two of the statues along the promenade shown just above.  John H. Reagan was Postmaster General of the Confederacy, a fact not lost on me as I spent years selling U.S. stamps, and some Confederate stamps for a living.  He was also a U.S. Senator, and head of the Texas Railroad Commission.

Another statue is that of Robert E. Lee.

What would a visit to UT be without a visit to the student store?  I got these 3 photos in the student store.

After our visit to UT Jonathan and I drove back to his condo to pick up Rebecca.  From there we went to lunch, then on to more sight seeing.  We to the hilly parts of Austin on the north west & to Mt. Bonnell for the surrounding view.  Not quite 800 feet above sea level this is the Austin skyline from the summit and views looking south down Lake Austin, then north along Lake Austin.  By the way, Lake Austin is actually a river.

From Mt. Bonnell we went to see the Highway 360 Loop Bridge.  Just before the bridge heading southbound is some parking.  From there you hike up the hill for this view.  The radio or TV antennas are on a hill top in the distance.  At night they are quite prominent and seen for miles.

From about the same spot looking south along Lake Austin you get this view with Austin peeking out in the distance.  I believe Mt. Bonnell is the higher of the two hills in the center of the photo.

My next post will also be photos of Austin, and I expect will have some better shots in them than this post.  Photos will include the Capitol Building, The Driskill Hotel, a street fair in Austin, food trailers in south Austin, the Cathedral of Junk, and sunset from Zilker Metropolitan Park.

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