Zzyzx, CA.

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3-Zzyzx Reflecting Pool

February 11, 2012 Thousands of people drive between Barstow, California and Las Vegas, Nevada every day along Interstate 15.  On your way north a few miles before Baker, CA the exit sign says “Zzyzx Road”.  Many people I talk to have no idea what is there, have never bothered to get off the freeway to …
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Aaron’s Black & Whites

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These are some recent photos my son Aaron took then converted to black and white. Aaron has an educational background in the graphic arts. This and a lot of practice has made him into an excellent photographer.  Once he is my age he will have a far better portfolio than I have now.  More of …
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Watertown, NY

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1-5345 Civil War memorial Watertown

Feb 3, 2012 Unlike the last post named Watertown, this one really has photos of Watertown in it. Friday we did what we call a “pack & wrap” at work.  Nothing else was left to do & we got out early.  I had the car for the rest of the day so I decided to …
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Watertown, NY

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3-IMG_5278 Tupper Lake Train Station

Actually none of these photos show Watertown, NY, only places near there.  I’ve been here in Watertown since January 22.  The weather has been snow, lake effect snow, & rain.  If none of these its been overcast.  I’ve seen blue skies twice, and only part of the sky for only a short time. On Saturday, …
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