Watertown, NY

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Feb 3, 2012

Unlike the last post named Watertown, this one really has photos of Watertown in it.

Friday we did what we call a “pack & wrap” at work.  Nothing else was left to do & we got out early.  I had the car for the rest of the day so I decided to do some sightseeing.

I headed along Arsenal St. into old downtown Watertown.  The old downtown has a public square, which is really a rectangle.  I has a few monuments and is surrounded by buildings.  The buildings are a real mix.  Some are new, some not so new, and some are quite old.  The sun was out for a brief while, but it was still cold.  I was bundled up, but still had to keep a hand free to operate the camera.

The first thing I shot was the large Civil War memorial.  I’ve found many southern towns have memorials to the Confederacy, but so far I’ve seen fewer Union memorials.  This may only be a result of my travels.  I began traveling to the eastern seaboard in the late 70’s.  Over the years I think I’ve actually spent more time in the South than in the North so I think I’ve seen a lot of monuments to the Confederacy.  That is probably why the monument to the Union seemed so interesting.  Also, it was quite elaborate in its design.

Near the center of the “square” is an ornate fountain.  Being winter it had no water.  I was cold so I shot it quickly and forget to look for a plaque to tell its story.

Near the fountain is another war memorial.  This one is much smaller and more simple than the Civil War memorial.  It covers WW I, WWII, Korea, & Vietnam.

Across from the plaza is this old building.  I wouldn’t show it except it seems to typify the architectural mix of this part of northern New York.  Besides age I’ve seen well-maintained structures right next to what look like derelicts.

To the south of downtown, but still within walking distance are some very nice neighborhoods.  These two homes are found near each other.  The first, I think, is no longer a home, but is now a support building for a church.

Away from these homes but still nearby is the Church of St. Patrick.  It is a red brick building with an interesting cupola that dominates the Watertown skyline.  By this time the sky had covered up with clouds again.

After taking these few photos in Watertown I drove around the residential sections south of town then headed north along Highway 11.   One of the first things to catch my eye, but one of the last things I actually photographed is the Northpole Fire Company.  They have two modern buildings, one of which is shown here.  If you always wondered if there was more than ice at the North Pole then here is one possible answer.

One thing about this part of northern New York state that I found very interesting is  cemeteries seem to pop up in the middle of nowhere.  This area has been settled for over 200 years.  Before automobile transportation I suppose the cemeteries were considered to be ‘out of town’.  They have no fences around them, and some are very old.  This is a small roadside cemetery along Highway 11 with many modern homes nearby & across the street.

Further north is the intersection of Highways 11 & 342.  I traveled by this spot daily.  On one such passage Vicki Shurtleff pointed this house out to me suggesting I photograph it.   It shows a mix of stone building with porch & a room that was added on later.  It seems many homes in the area have porches, and some of the porches, like this one, are sagging.  The home is somewhat picturesque, but the camera shows only what the photographer wants you to see.  On the adjoining properties are modern stores and franchise outlets.

Further along is this derelict.  I saw many examples of buildings run down, abandoned, even falling down.  Many had a newer structure built nearby.  The interesting thing about this derelict is that on the other side of its property line is a Walmart.  Light standards from the parking lot are in the extreme background at right.

Before I turned around my ultimate goal was the village of Evans Mills.  I had been through there without a camera so I revisited to record a few of its sights.  St. Mary’s church is near the village center.  It was founded in 1847 as the sign seems to say.  My first indication was their address 8408 S. Main St.  My second indication was their website.

At the village center is this community building with the library, village office, and museum.  It seemed to be freshly painted and looks new.

On the immediate opposite side of the street are these old building in a sad state of repair.

Down the street is this.  Like the Northpole Fire Company none of their rolling stock were outside.  It was apparently too cold to have their portraits taken.  Aaron likes me to send him photos of ambulances.  So far I have shot ambulances in the U.S., Chile, & Germany.

Up the street from the ambulance company is this old abandoned industrial building.  What a wreck!  It is a bone yard of industrial America if there ever was one.

Kitty corner from this old building not 150 feet away is this new home!  A strange mix if there ever was one.

Driving back through the village to hit the highway is this stately old Victorian, and the last photo of this post.

The next posts will show some of Aaron’s black & white photos and photos of Zzyzx, CA.



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