The Carousel at Seaport Village, San Diego, CA., Jan. 9, 2013

January 16th, 2013 | Posted by Steve in California

While visiting in Southern California my son and daughter-in-law wished to visit San Diego to tour and see some friends.  We drove to the Seaport Village area on the water that is adjacent to downtown San Diego.  First we had lunch, then we walked around.

Within Seaport Village is an old carousel.  By old I mean old.  It was built in 1895.  As it turns out this same carousel spent time at Pacific Ocean Park, Santa Monica, CA. back in the 1950s and 1960s.  That means any of my readers who grew up in Southern California, including myself, may have ridden on this carousel way back then.

Wednesday was a slow day for the carousel.  I asked the attendant if I could shoot some photos.  She invited me in so I could get real close up.

Unfortunately I only had my fisheye lens with me.  A better choice would have been the 16-35mm zoom with its rectilinear view.  Oh well, you use what you have with you.

Here are the photos.  Photos 4 & 5 are identical except 4 is color while 5 is black & white.

And many thanks to the attendant!

1 8818 Looff Carousel history

2 8859 Looff History 2

3 8828 Carousel

4 8834 Carousel horse color

4a 8834 Carousel horse B&W High Contr

5 8837 Carousel horse

6 8842 Carousel Giraffe

7 8843 Carousel horse

8 8846 Carousel horses

9 8852 Carousel

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