Anchorage, Alaska & area, Feb 8 & 9, 2013

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0730 am AnchorageJust before leaving for work Friday morning I shot a few photos of the area near our motel.  I only had a few seconds to do this so I set the camera on aperture priority, pumped the ISO up to 3200 and shot away.  This is not art, the photos are not color balanced, & the parallax is off, but I wanted a souvenir.  Despite the dark and all the snow the temperature was actually warm, it was in the mid 20’s above zero.

Saturday it was supposed to snow.  Instead the storm never showed and the sun was out for much of the day.

1 8981 downtown Anchorage about noon

This first photo is a record shot just before noon looking east on 4th Avenue, downtown Anchorage.

A couple of hours later I was in Kincaid Park.  Kincaid Park used to be the old Pt. Campbell Military Reservation.

Sam was driving & Dave was in the back seat.  I’ve been working with these fellows since early 2009.  We had all day so we drove when we wanted, and stopped for photos when we wanted.

I shot a series of photos in the park.  These next 3 are views from the Nordic Ski Area.

2 8984 View from Kincaid Park

View of the Chugach Mountains.

3 8989 View from Kincaid Park

3a 8990 View from Kincaid Park

Views of the Cook Inlet & Mount Susitna to the north west.  These 2 photos are little more than a 90 degree turn from the one above.

4 8998 Trees & Snow Kincaid Park

5 9004 Trees & Snow Kincaid Park

The sky was really blue in places.  These are a couple of views of the bare trees & the snow.

6 9012 Little Campbell Lake

Near the north east corner of the park along the border with the Ted Stevens International Airport is Little Lake Campbell.  It was frozen over.  The sign in the middle warns you of thin ice.

Shooting directly into the sun would normally change the meter causing the snow to appear gray.  I metered directly behind me then put this information into the camera once I switched it over to the manual setting.  I’ve cropped it to be a panoramic shaped snap shot.

From there we decided to drive down the Seward Highway along the Turnagain Arm of the Cook Inlet to Bird, Alaska.  There we had been told we would find a restaurant that served very good pie.  More important, the scenic drive is very dramatic.

7 9021 Turnagain Arm to Pt Possession

Not far down the road we stopped at a pull off.  The wind was beginning to blow & I got this view of the Turnagain Arm to Point Possession on the Kenai Peninsula.

8 9023 Looking down Turnagain Arm

A little further down the road we pulled off again & I got this shot looking southeast down the Turnagain Arm.  The wind was really blowing by now.

Directly in front of me the snow goes down to the water.  The land in the distance must be considerably warmer because its snow level doesn’t quite reach the water.

By the way, the water is sea level or almost so.  From 2:21 PM to 7:05 PM Saturday afternoon the Turnagain Arm tides had a 34.9 foot vertical range!  We were there in the middle of it from about 3 to 4:30.

9 9030-1 Beluga Point to Pt Possession

At Beluga Point we were still a few miles from our destination.  We pulled over where I got this shot, the last of the day.  By this time I was having trouble keeping my footing.  I was afraid if I opened my jacket I would fly away.

To adjust the camera I stood in the lee of the car using it as a windbreak.  Still, I think the photo was worth the trouble.

From Beluga Point we headed further south but the wind increased accompanied by rain and snow flurries.

By the time we got to Bird Creek we had forgotten about the pie.  We turned around to see the wind whipping up the waves to 4 or 5 feet high.  The waves weren’t hitting the shore at all.  They were escorting us back up the coast almost as fast as we could drive.  In case you think this is an exaggeration look up tidal bore.  I can’t be a liar because the water here is not known for its high alkali content.

Many thanks to Mark Twain for that one.  This is the first time I’ve ever been able to use it!

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