2-8936 Rainbow from Air

I had to fly up to Anchorage for a 3 weeklong work stint.  I was able to upgrade to 1st class getting a window on both the Orange County to Seattle leg and the Seattle to Anchorage leg. Taking off from Orange County we had a thick cloud cover.  We rose above it, but it …
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1-4660 Monument to Cabrillo

I think this post will have some better photos than the previous post.  I doubt if many will make it into print, but I think you will find some of them visually pleasing.  These were all shot Dec. 21, 2011. Our first stop the next morning after our trip to Balboa Park was the Point …
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Savannah, Georgia

January 8th, 2011 | Posted by Steve in Georgia | Lighhouses | Museums - (Comments Off)
Tybee Fresnel Lens

Nothing too great yet.  As time goes by I’ll try some of these in B&W to see if they improve. The first is the Tybee Island, GA Light.  A lot of information about this place can be found here.