Trip to Hope, AK, Feb.18, 2013

February 22nd, 2013 | Posted by Steve in Alaska | Birds | Buildings | Ocean | Parks - (Comments Off)
13 9298 End of Turnagain Arm B&W

Many of these photos will seem to be much alike.  That may be because of all the snow.  But much of the scenery in Alaska is spectacular and begs to be photographed.  So I did. A cold snap had come in Sunday night so the temperatures dropped from a cool mid 20’s to a cooler …
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21 9180 Mountain

The weather was sunny Saturday morning so Sam, James, Dave & I climbed into Sam’s car to do some sight seeing.  We had a recommendation to drive up Ski Bowl Road to the Arctic Valley Ski Area to take in the view.  As the weather was sunny that was the first thing we decided to …
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Anchorage, Alaska & area, Feb 8 & 9, 2013

February 10th, 2013 | Posted by Steve in Alaska | Ocean | Photography | United States of America - (Comments Off)
3a 8990 View from Kincaid Park

Just before leaving for work Friday morning I shot a few photos of the area near our motel.  I only had a few seconds to do this so I set the camera on aperture priority, pumped the ISO up to 3200 and shot away.  This is not art, the photos are not color balanced, & …
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2-8936 Rainbow from Air

I had to fly up to Anchorage for a 3 weeklong work stint.  I was able to upgrade to 1st class getting a window on both the Orange County to Seattle leg and the Seattle to Anchorage leg. Taking off from Orange County we had a thick cloud cover.  We rose above it, but it …
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