A Black & White Gallery

This is a straight forward walk through of some of the monochrome images I’ve done since the early 90s.  I did this so I could show a group of my photos all in one place.  Don’t be surprised if you find some of these images elsewhere on this website.

The photos are arranged in a rough chronological order.  It is close to 20 years since some of these were first exposed so I won’t remember everything about the shot.  From time to time I do look back at my photos.  As I do so I’ll update any thumbnail information and rearrange the photos as necessary.

I add photos or drop photos on occasion.  If you like this gallery, please visit it now and then.

I started out with no technical information, but I’ve decided to slowly add the technical information as I can find it.  I will also add a little bit of commentary.

Much of the technical information from my film era is forgotten, but a few things that were true for me in the film age are still true in the digital age.  Film would have almost always been ISO 50 or 100.  Most digital shots are ISO 640.  The minimum on my digital camera is 100.  The difference from 100 to 640 is 2 & 2/3 stops.  I’ve adopted 640 because the difference in electronic noise (almost the same as film grain) is almost unnoticeable, at least to me.

Then or now the camera setting has usually been Aperture Priority.  The meter is almost always Evaluative or Matrix.  Almost all film shots are with a tripod.  Almost all digital shots are handheld, but I’m starting to a tripod more and more for digital photos.

Three things control the digital handheld business.  First is the greater speed of 640.  Second, the automatic stability feature of the lenses often buys another 2 stops or even 3.  Finally, most of my digital shooting has been reactive, not planned.  It is “on the run” and “on the opportunity”.  Despite the ease of digital handheld it is always better to use a tripod.  It slows you down and makes you think.  Another thing to think about.  As new digital cameras are released they are able to control the digital noise more and more.  I’ve seen some cameras that claim their “noise” only begins at ISO 1600 or 3200.  If true it will make hand held more prolific.

More introduction.  Anything prior to 2010 is from color transparencies or color print film.  The very few exceptions to this are noted.  Since Aug., 2010 all my photos are digital.  For digital I show the image number as applied by my Canon camera and an exact date.

I love black & white, but I have always been a color guy.  The world is generally in color.  Without trying to be too silly, my eyes reinforce this opinion.  That being said, not all photos look best in color.  In fact, some color shots are cacophonous, while it seems to me a well done black & white will focus the mind.  It is absolutely true that some of my color shots have gained little comment from my audiences, while the same photo switched to monochrome gets raves.  I do not propose to explain this, only to mention the dichotomy.

Some of these photos are pretty good.  Others are so-so.  These photos are not everything I’ve done by any stretch, just the ones I think are interesting enough to show.  The comments I get, positive and negative, often differ with my opinion of the quality of the image so I include many photos because different things appeal to different people.

If anything seems to be particularly egregious or poorly done I appreciate all input.  This is not a hollow boast.  I did the entire page named “A Few Digital Editing Techniques” with about 25 different versions of the same photo because of one email.

Three people appear in the photos below.  The first is a Confederate Re-enactor.  Without a name I sent a matted print to the Ft. Pulaski Ranger’s office for forwarding.  The actor sent me a card of thanks, which I still have buried somewhere.  If I recall correctly his name is Kevin Sofa.  As a volunteer on a federal reservation I suspect he signed a blanket model release.

The second person, the conductor at the Sierra Railway, was a fellow named Bob Davis.  His daughter contacted me in September, 2012 & told me he abruptly passed away a few weeks earlier. She also told me as an volunteer or employee for the Railway he signed a blanket model release.

The third person is in photo 4060.  I am the witness in the title of the photo.

Rather than write anything more, here is the gallery.


Nightmare Tree Patriarch 7-92 B&W 5+redNightmare Tree, Patriarch Grove, White Mountains, CA., 7-92

2-Old Bristlecone at Patriarch B&W 1994Old Bristlecone Pine at Shulman Grove, White Mountains, CA., 9-15-94.  I expect to eventually post my color shot.  Stephen W. Oachs has a phenomenal color night time photo of this same tree with star trails in the sky.  It is found at http://www.stephenoachs.com/gallery-landscape.php.

3-Red Rock Cyn B&W 1995Cliff Face, Red Rock Canyon, CA., 10-95 — this one with Scala black & white transparency film.

4-Old Cabin Near Lee Vining B&W 1995 Old Cabin near Lee Vining, CA., 10-95

5-Fjord at Little Norway B&W 1995Fjord at Little Norway Island, Mono Lake, CA, 10-95

7-Dead Cottonwood Paoha B&W 1995Dead Cottonwood, Paoha Island, Mono Lake, CA., 10-95

6-Tufa Ship 1995Tufa Ship, Mono Lake, CA., 10-95

8-Cow Skull@Reyado B&W 1997Cow Skull, Kit Carson Museum, Reyado, NM, 1997

9-Abreu Cemetery 1997Abreu Family Cemetery, Reyado, NM, 1997

10-San Francisco de Asis 1998San Francisco de Asis, Taos, NM, 8-98

11-Abandoned [RR] Cabin1998Abandoned Cabin near Mono Lake, CA, 9-7-98

12-View W from Pt. Sublime B&W 1998View West from Pt. Sublime, Grand Canyon North Rim, AZ, 1998

13-Sanctuario de Chimayo B&W 1999Sanctuario de Chimayo, NM, 1999

16-White House Ruin B&W 2000White House Ruin, Canyon de Chelly, AZ, 8-2000

14-Old Mail Truck B&W 1999Old Mail Truck, Zzyzx, CA, 11-2000

24-San Xavier del Bac sunset B&W Oct 2001San Xavier del Bac Sunset, near Tucson, AZ, 5-2002

25-San Xavier del Bac facade B&W 8-2002San Xavier del Bac façade, near Tucson, AZ, 5-2002

26-San Xavier rear B&W 8-2002San Xavier del Bac rear entrance, near Tucson, AZ, 5-2002

27-San Xavier del Bac dome B&W 8-2002San Xavier del Bac Dome, near Tucson, AZ, 5-2002

19-Laguna Mission B&W 2002Laguna Mission, Laguna, NM, 5-2002

20-Face in the Hoodoos B&W 2002Face in the Hoodoos, Bryce Canyon NP, UT, 10-2002

17-Pearce AZ Soto Bros Store B&W 2000Soto Bros. Store, Pearce, AZ, 5-2003

21-Graveyard Tumacacori B&W 2003Graveyard, Tumacacori, AZ, 2003

22-The Layer Cake looking East Infrared 10-26-03The Layer Cake looking East, Anza-Borrego State Park, CA, 10-26-03 — this one with infrared film.

23-Dowa Yalanne Mountain B&W 2004Dowa Yalanne Mountain from Zuni, NM, 8-2004

28-Old Bldg Ocate NM B&W hiStruc & contr 8-2004Old Building, Ocate, NM, 8-2004

29-San Jose de Chama afternoon B&W 8-2004San Jose de Chama, Hernandez, NM, 8-2004



0041 Row boat Dana Point B&W0041 – Rowboat, Dana Point Harbor, CA., Aug-1-2010

0604 Red Rock Cyn B&W0604 – Red Rock Canyon State Park, Oct-15-2010.  Shot from about the same spot as the black & white transparency shown way above, but 15 years later & with a digital camera.  The film version is far better.


806 WA Pt No Point Lighthouse B&W copy0806 – Point No Point Lighthouse, Hansville, WA., Oct-24-2010

1079 Heceta Head & Driftwood B&W1079 – Heceta Head & Driftwood, near the Heceta Head Lighthouse, OR., Nov-7-2010

1125 Heceta Head from the hiway1125 – Heceta Head from the Highway 1, Heceta Head, OR., Nov-7-2010

1183 Mukilteo Light HiCont HiStruc Blu Filtr 11831183 – Mukilteo Lighthouse, Mukilteo, WA., Dec-11-2010

1420 Bush B&W Antique copy1420 – Dried Bush & RR Box Car, near Hinesville, GA., Jan-14-2011

1484 Sidney Lanier Bridge B&W-21484 – Sidney Lanier Bridge, Brunswick, GA., Jan-15-2011

1493 Sidney Lanier Bridge B&W1493 – Sidney Lanier Bridge, Brunswick, GA., Jan-15-2011

1511 Texaco 17 & 303 SC B&W #5 Yellow1511 – Old Texaco Station along Hwy 17, SC, Jan-16-2011

1550 Ravnel Bridge B&W Hi Struc1550 – Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge, Charleston-Mt. Pleasant, SC, Jan-16-2011

1564 Ravenal Bridge B&W Hi Struc copy1564 – Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge, Charleston-Mt. Pleasant, SC, Jan-16-2011

1592 Arthur Ravenel Jr Bridge B&W Hi Struc copy1592 – Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge, Charleston-Mt. Pleasant, SC, Jan0-16-2011

2166 Tree at Ft Pulaski2166 – Tree at Ft. Pulaski, GA., Feb-19-2011

2277 Cannon at Ft. Pulaski, GA2277 – Cannon at Ft. Pulaski, GA., Mar-3-2011

2295 Confederate reenactor Ft Pulaski2295 – Condederate Re-enactor Ft. Pulaski, GA., Mar-3-2011

2415 Pacific Elec car San Pedro B&W AA effect copy2415 – Pacific Electric Car, San Pedro, CA, Mar-27-2011

2742 B&W Crested Saguaro copy2742 – Crested Saguaro, Fountain Hills, AZ, Jul-10-2011

3639 Saguaro & Moon 7-19-113639 – Crested Saguaro & Moon, Fountain Hills, AZ, Jul-19-2011

2827 Cloud above White Sands B&W copy2827 – Cloud above White Sands National Monument, NM, Jul-11-2011

3183-Kiva Antique B&W 7-17-113183 – Kiva, Painted Cave, AZ, Jul-17-2011

3383 Los Gigantes B&W Dual YelFiltr3383 – Los Gigantes, 4 Corners Region, AZ, Jul-17-2011

4060 Death Certificate4060 – Inmate Death Certificate and Witness, Flossenburg Concentration Camp, Flossenburg, Germany, Sep-24-2011

4358 Bay Arcade Balboa Fun Zone B&W copy4358 – Bay Arcade Sign, Balboa Fun Zone, Newport Beach, CA, Oct-29-2011

4374 Drug Store sign Balboa4374 – Drug Store Sign, Balboa Peninsula, Newport Beach, CA, Oct-29-2011

5278 Tupper Lake Train Station5278 – Tupper Lake Train Station, Tupper Lake, NY, Jan-28-2012

5374 Soda Lake from the pool copy5374 – Soda Lake from the Swimming Pool, Zzyzx, CA., Feb-11-2012

5485 Fort Macon interior5485 – Ft. Macon Interior, Ft. Macon, NC, Mar-3-2012

5660 Bust by Igor Mitoraj (1987)B&W Bamberg5660 – Bust by Igor Mitoraj, Bamberg, Germany, Mar-27-2012

6011 Michaelsberg Abbey B&W6011 – Michaelsberg Abbey, Bamberg, Germany, Apr-1-2012

6552 L&N 152 B&W6552 – Louisville & Nashville Locomotive #152, Kentucky Railway Museum, New Haven, KY, May-19-2012

6683 Fire turnouts B&W copy6683 – Fire Turn Outs, Maker’s Mark Distillery, Loretto, KY, May-19-2012

6746 Sierra Rwy Conductor B&W copy6746 – Sierra Railway Conductor Volunteer, Jamestown, CA, Jun-24-2012

8426 Grain elevator Sayre OK B&W Hi Struc Red filtr8426 – Grain Elevator, Sayre Grain & Farm Supply, Sayre, OK, Oct-31-2012

8459 Abandoned Farm TX Hwy 338459 – Abandoned Farm, Near Oklahoma Border, Highway 33, TX, Oct-31-2012

IMG_8797 Saguaro8797 – Saguaro Cactus, near Ahwatukee, AZ, Jan-5-2013

9 9030-1 Beluga Point to Pt Possession9030 – Turnagain Arm from Beluga Point, AK, Feb-9-2013

21 9180 Mountain9180 – Mountain from the Glenn Highway near Chickaloon, AK, Feb-16-2013

13 9298 End of Turnagain Arm B&W9298 – The End of Turnagain Arm from the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, AK, Feb-18-2013

16 9327 Moon & mountain9327 – Moon and Mountain, from the Hope Road, AK, Feb-18-2013

9 9467 B&W

9467 – Small Islands just offshore of La Push, WA, Mar-9-2103.  Canon EOS 5D Mark II, 24-105mm f/4 lens at 58mm, f/20, 1/25th of a second, ISO 640, tripod.  This is one of a bracket of 3.  It is converted to monochrome via Nik Silver Efex Pro II within Photoshop 4.