Travels with Work 2010 & 2011

I get sent to all sorts of places for work.  Once I bought my digital camera many of those places get photos.  Some photos are good and most never see the light of day.  This gallery is made of a very few I want to feature.  They were taken on my free time while traveling to, from, or near a work site.

Most of my work entails flying somewhere.  I’ve flown so much in the last 4 years that I’ve begun to think a vacation is staying home.  If the work site is close enough, I drive.  That means about an 1100 mile radius from Orange County, CA.  That explains how some of the out of the way places appear here.

This gallery is not arranged by subject.  It is arranged in chronological order like the other galleries on this website.  The number shown is the number assigned to the frame by the camera.

There are many more photos of these places than shown.  I’ve included some brief commentary.  Most of these photos, but not all of them, will be found in my posts.  More commentary is found there.



546 TN Poston Bldg Clarksville0546 The Poston Building, Clarksville, TN.  I’m from Southern California.  Old buildings, especially those with advertising painted on them, are rare in SoCal.  I can think of a few I’ve seen, but some don’t exist any more, and the others?  Who knows?  This became a natural subject for me, especially with a new camera. It is shot near dusk.  This part of the building faces a well travelled street.

714 CA MonoLake evening 10-15-100714 Mono Lake Evening, from near the visitor’s center.  I shot a series from late afternoon to after sunset.  When I packed up it was getting a little too dark to work effectively.  For this one I needed a tripod & some graduated neutral density filters.  Without the filters the bright lake & sky would have been too much, even for the camera’s 9 stops of sensitivity.

750 CA-Aspen fisheye 10-16-100750 Aspen, somewhere in Lassen County, CA.  This is handheld shot with the 15mm fisheye lens.  In my experience Aspen trees grow so close together it is hard to differentiate one from another in a photograph.  This one was slightly separated from the rest of the forest so I used it as the subject for an individual portrait.

779 OR Old Bldg Kent0779 Old Building, Kent, OR.  If I’m not in a hurry I’ll travel off the interstates on country roads and state highways.  I found this old gas station and shot a number of compositions.  This is my favorite.

806 Pt No Point Lighthouse WA B&W0806 Point No Point Lighthouse, at the northern tip of Kitsap Penninsula, Hansville, WA.  After a long drive from my hotel I got here late one afternoon.  The wind was blowing pretty good so I bundled up to do my photography. This is an early one from the series that day.  Any black & white I do starts as a color digital file.  The color on this was completely unremarkable.  But when I tried it as monochrome the magic jumped out.

0858 Westport WA Lighthouse0858 Westport Light, Gray’s Harbor, WA.  Originally, the light was almost on the beach.  The beach is now a hundred or more yards away, filled in for real estate expansion I suspect.  I had to position myself in such a way to avoid showing a trailer home parked at the base of the lighthouse.  It is hidden behind the greenery at the left.  Remember, a photograph is a slice of time managed by the photographer.

1021 Cape Meares OR1021 Coastline from Cape Meares, OR.  I flew Francie into SeaTac to keep me company on the drive home.  It was going to act as a traveling vacation for us only it rained most of the time.  It had rained all the day before, and most of this day.  This was our 2nd day out.  In between rainstorms I got this and the next few frames.  All of these “grand landscape” shots are looking north.  I don’t know how that happened, except it did.  I did some shots looking south, but they were consigned to the dust bin.  These next few are taken in early November, 2010.

1037 Boiler Bay OR1037 Coastline & Cloud from Boiler Bay, OR.

1079 Heceta Head & Driftwood B&W red temp151079 Heceta Head & Driftwood, Heceta Head State Beach, OR.  Heceta Head is a great places to stop on the Oregon coast.  It is one of those places where it is hard to shoot a bad photo.  This one is pretty good in color, it is far better in black & white.

1095 Fallen log near Heceta Head1095 Fallen Log near Heceta Head, OR.  I couldn’t resist the strong, curving form of this fallen log.  It was perfect for a wide angle lens and lots of depth of field.  I put the lens at 24mm, its widest setting, and shot a few frames.

1107 Heceta Head OR1107 Heceta Head, OR.  This is a typical touristy shot.

1125 Heceta Head OR from viewpoint B&W1125 But this is the real touristy shot!  Heceta Head Lighthouse from the viewpoint on Highway 1.  This spot has been a favorite of photographers for decades.  The rush of the wind was accompanied by the continual bark of the sea lions down on the rocks.  If this looks familiar, you see a version of this in panoramic format on the website home page.  It is one of 5 rotating photos and the only one of the 5 shot with a digital camera.

1183 Mukilteo WA Light1183 Mukilteo Light, Mukilteo, WA.  Shot in December, the lighthouse is decorated for the holidays.  This day was dreary with overcast.  Lots of rain fell later.  The color file was washed out, but the B&W conversion made it acceptable.


1229 Handcrank phone Tybee Light GA copy

1229 Handcrank Telephone, Tybee Island Lighthouse, Tybee, GA.  This is in the kitchen of the light keepers cottage.

1323 Tybee GA lighthouse1323 Tybee Island Light Station, Tybee Island, GA.  I don’t think I have too many “postcard” photos better than this one.  I was here again about a month later.  There was a festival about to start on the island & the place was crawling with people.  My work buddy and I barely got off the island before the bridge was closed to vehicular traffic.

1332 Gingerbread House Savannah GA1332 Gingerbread House, Savannah, GA.  Savannah is famous for its interesting houses in the historic area south of downtown.  This is one of the famous houses.

1407 US Army locomotive 4642 nr Hinesville GA1407 U.S. Army Locomotive, near Hinesville, GA.  I’ve passed up some chances to shoot photos of locomotives.  This is one that didn’t go by.  The day was very clear and the colors just popped.  Unfortunately, my horizontals were throw aways.

1420 Bush Antique near Hinesville GA1420 Dried out Bush near Hinesville, GA.  Near the locomotive above was this dried out bush against the hulk of an old box car converted to storage use.  One of my companions suggested I shoot this.  I converted it to black & white, added an antique effect and was pleased with the results.  She has a print of this in her home now.

1484 Sidney Lanier Bridge GA B&W

1493 Sidney Lanier bridge GA B&W1484 & 1493 Sidney Lanier Bridge, Brunswick, GA.  I drove across this bridge twice looking for a good spot to get its portrait.  In case no one realizes it, I like black & whites with as black a sky as possible.

1511 Texaco at HWY 17 & 303 SC1511 Texaco Station Highways 17 & 303, SC.  Driving to Charleston from Georgia I passed this place and couldn’t resist the chance for a photo.  A safe place to park was a few hundred yards away, but I don’t know if it was legal.  A cop was driving by so I got my photos and left quickly.

1550 Ravnel Bridge B&W Hi Struc Charlesron SC

1564 Ravenal Bridge B&W Hi Struc Charleston SC

1595 Ravenal Bridge B&W AA Hi Struc undexp alt Charleston SC1550, 1564, 1595 Arthur Ravnel Bridge, Charleston, SC.  I found a parking place in the historic section of Charleston right away & walked around with my camera for quite a while.  I got a lot of photos, none were any good.  Back in my car, I drove over the Ravnel Bridge and parked underneath it at the park on the Mt. Pleasant side.  I walked up the pedestrian side of the bridge and got these shots.

1702 Lake Mary SC mirror effect B&W1702 Lake Mary, SC.  While in Savannah one of my co workers invited me up to Hilton Head.  His in-laws lived there.  We had a very nice time exploring.  This is a hand held from that afternoon.  I did some post processing to get a ‘not quite infrared effect’.

1755 Harbor View Hilton Head SC alt1755 Harbor, Hilton Head, SC.  The lighthouse is privately built and owned.  Earlier that day we climbed to the view level near the top.  The interior at the top is a gift shop.  The view deck offers a good perch for a telephoto lens for action at the 18th green of the Harbortown Golf Course.

1995 Savannah GA Cotton Exchange copy

2006 Savannah GA Cotton Exchange detail copy1995 & 2006 Savannah Cotton Exchange, Savannah, GA.  The Cotton Exchange is one of the most famous buildings in Savannah, & certainly one of the most photographed.  It sits in the long strip of historical buildings on Bay St. that overlooks the Savannah River.  Bay St. & River St. below it make the big tourist area of Savannah.  Even on hot days the area is overrun with people visiting the shops, pubs, & restaurants.  Parking, of course, is hard to find on either street.

2033 Hamilton Turner Savannah GA2033 Hamilton Turner House, Savannah, GA.  Designed in what is called a Second Empire architecture the home was built for Samuel Pugh Hamilton in 1873.  Dr. Francis Turner bought it in 1915 which gives the building its second name.  In the 1980’s the house was connected in scandal and made famous through the book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.  It is now an upscale hotel and rates very high on many reviews. 

2072 Kehoe House Savannah GA2072 Kehoe House, Savannah, GA.  Another famous home, now a hotel in the historic district of Savannah.  The Kehoe House is a stop on some of the Haunted Savannah tours.

2081 Davenport House Savannah GA2081 Davenport House, Savannah, GA.  Built in the Georgian architectural style this home is now operated as a museum by the Historic Savannah Foundation.  As it is a museum here is an internet link:

2108 Savannah GA City Hall2108 City Hall, Savannah, GA.

2131 Parrot Gun Ft Pulaski GA2131 Parrot Gun, Ft. Pulaski, GA.

2134 Cannon mounts Ft Pulaski2134 Cannon Mounts, Ft. Pulaski, GA.

2142 Brooke Rifle Ft Pulalski GA2142 Brooke Rifle, Ft. Pulaski, GA.

2166 Tree Ft Pulaski GA2166 Tree, Ft. Pulaski, GA.  This tree is outside the walls of the fort, and across the moat to the east of the two shots above.  While walking by the moat my companion warned me not to get too close to the water because alligators were known to inhabit the area.  This was totally new and different to my experience.  Southern California, where I grew up and live, is not known for its gator population.

2277 Cannon Ft Pulaski2277 Cannon, Ft. Pulaski, GA.  This is from another trip to the fort, about a month after the photos above.

2295 Pulaski Confed reenactor2295 Confederate Re-enactor, Ft. Pulaski, GA.  This fellow was speaking to a crowd telling them about the fort back in Civil War days.  I snuck in between a few people to snap a few frames.  I didn’t have his name so I sent him a matted print care of the park ranger.  A couple of weeks later I got a thank you note with the statement that hundreds or thousands of tourists had shot his photo, but none had ever sent him a print!

2300 Pulaski East wall2300 East Wall, Ft. Pulaski, GA.  This wall still preserves some of the scars of the Union bombardment.  On April 10 & 11, 1862 Union forces used a rifled cannon, like those shown above, for the first time in combat.  Rifled cannon could fire accurately for up to 4 or 5 miles.  The bombardment made obvious that brick fortifications had become obsolete.  When it appeared that the Union fire might ignite the fort’s main powder magazine the Confederate forces surrendered.  Surprisingly, there were almost no casualties on either side during the 30 hour siege.

2353 The Lynx2353 The Lynx in Savannah, GA Port.  The Lynx out of Portsmouth, NH was on a visit to Savannah.  This ship was built in 2001.  It is modeled after the Lynx built in 1812 as a square topsail schooner for use as a privateer in the War of 1812.  The website for the ship is

2742 Crested Saguaro Fountain Hills AZ2742 Crested Saguaro, Fountain Hills, AZ.  Crested Saguaro are rare and do not occur often.  It is not known if the crest, which is different in each case, is genetic or caused by outside forces.  I visited this site 3 times over a 10 day period.  A color photo is shown below.

2800 Water tower Red Rock AZ2800 Water Tower, Red Rock, AZ.  Red Rock in Pinal County is some 20-30 mile north of Tucson.  I’ve passed this site many times and it has always interested me.  I was on my way to Las Cruces, NM this trip.  The light was good so I made sure to stop to get this portrait.

2827 Cloud White Sands NM2827 Cloud over White Sands, NM.  There was no photo for a few minutes after this cloud rolled over us.  All we could do was wait out the storm in my truck.  But as it was coming in it made a great shot!

2943 Yucca White Sands NM2943 Yucca, White Sands, NM.  I shot this with the 15mm fisheye.  Kneeling, the pointed leaves were about 9 inches from my lens.  The horizontal and vertical axis of the photo is such that the fisheye effect can be barely discerned with the horizon on the right.

2948 Warning Sign White Sands Museum NM2948 Warning Sign, White Sands Missile Range Museum, NM.  This is not great art, but it did get my attention.

2955 Fat Man bomb case White Sands NM Museum2955 Fat Man Bomb Casing, White Sands Missile Range Museum, NM.  The real thing actually, except it has no insides.  I saw a Little Boy bomb casing in Washington, DC in 2001.

2973 Flying Saucer White Sands NM Museum2973 Flying Saucer, White Sands Missile Range Museum, NM.  I think this proves the best place to hide something you want no one to know about is out in the open. Roswell is only 165 miles away from this Museum.

3023 Crested Saguaro Fountain Hills AZ3023 Crested Saguaro, Fountain Hills, AZ.

3177 Pictographs Painted Cave AZ3177 Pictographs, Painted Cave, AZ.  There are lots of places named Painted Cave.  That won’t help much finding this one.  I have found it on 1 map only, and I’m not telling.

Painted Cave was first explored before WWII.  Hundreds if not thousands of artifacts were removed & packed off to museums.  Whats left still makes this an amazing place to visit.

There are lots of petroglyphs and pictographs through out California & the American Southwest.  I’ve been to a lot of those sites, I’ve got photos of a lot of the art, and Painted Cave beats them all.

3183 Kiva Painted Cave AZ3183 Kiva, Painted Cave, AZ.  A place of religious ceremony, this one may have had a roof at one time.  The depression off at the left of the Kiva wall is where 3 mummies were removed many years ago.

3234 Pictographs Painted Cave AZ3234 Petroglyphs and Desert Varnish, Painted Cave, AZ.

3287 Hand prints Painted Cave AZ3287 Petroglyph Handprints, Painted Cave, AZ.  Handprints abound here, there easily 500 or more pair painted on the rock in at least 7 different colors.  Most, if not all the handprints are paint brushed on rather than pressed on.  In almost all cases the axis of the hand is vertical.  These painted hands are about 750 years old.

At the time I shot this it was overcast.  Making this frame into a print with visual ‘pop’ still eludes me.

Different things resonate with different people.  I’ve taken far better photos than this, and I am far more proud of others than this.  But of all my photos, this one resonates with me most.

3369 Los Gigantes Navajo Indian Reservation AZ3369 Los Gigantes Butte, near Round Rock, AZ.

3384:3387 Los Gigantes pano Navajo Indian Reservation AZ3384/3387 Los Gigantes Buttes panorama, near Round Rock, AZ.  A panoramic made of two photos.  The aspect ratio I chose for this photo is 2.5:1.

3411 HTP Rug Room bookshelf Ganado AZ3411 Hubbell Trading Post Rug Room Bookshelf, Ganado, AZ.  This is a hand held available light photo of part of the Rug Room.  The Hubbell Trading Post is a national historic site operating since 1878.

3417 HTP Rug Room Ganado AZ3417 Hubbell Trading Post Rug Room, Ganado, AZ.  A different view of the rug room, also done with available light.  The small rugs a few feet away in the center of the frame were selling for about $2,000 each if my memory serves me correctly.  I didn’t look at the larger ones on the right.

3429 Hubbell TP main room display Ganado AZ3429 Hubbell Trading Post Main Room Display, Ganado, AZ.  This is part of the display on the right as you enter the trading post from outside.  It is a pretty good “eye candy” type photo.

3433 Hubbell Trading Post Ganado AZ3433 Hubbell Trading Post, Ganado, AZ.  A vertical from the parking lot.  The main entrance is out of the frame on the left & over my shoulder.

3456+ Painted Desert AZ stitched pano3456+ Painted Desert Panorama, Petrified Forest National Park, AZ.  This is stitched together from about 5 photos.

3511 Newspaper Rock Painted Desert AZ3511 Newspaper Rock, Petrified Forest National Park, AZ.  The park does not allow you to approach the rock.  This is from the overlook next to the parking lot & shot with the 100-400mm zoom at 400mm.

3520 View from Blue Mesa Painted Desert AZ3520 View North from Blue Mesa, Petrified Forest National Park, AZ.  The hoodoos in the foreground appealed to me, especially since the background was in shadow from passing clouds.

3529 Pink bands at Blue Mesa Painted Desert AZ3529 Pink Mud Strata at Blue Mesa, Petrified Forest National Park, AZ.  The pastel colors at Blue Mesa are both attractive and out of the ordinary.

3598 Petrified wood Painted Desert AZ3598 Petrified Wood, Petrified Forest National Park, AZ.  One of the more famous spots in the park, the light was pretty good, but not good enough for a really great shot.

3604 Blue Mesa area Painted Desert AZ3604 Banded Strata, Petrified Forest National Park, AZ.

3612 View from Blue Mesa Painted Desert AZ3612 View North from Blue Mesa, Petrified Forest National Park, AZ.  Another view.

3639 Crested Saguaro & Moon Fountain Hills AZ3639 Crested Saguaro & Moon, Fountain Hills, AZ.  This is from my third trip to see the Saguaro.  This was shot at f/16, which I hoped would give me enough depth of field to resolve the moon, but it didn’t.  I may still be pretty good, you decide.

This next group are photos of Germany in September, 2011.  A group of us were there for almost the entire month.  By the time I unpacked I realized I had forgotten to bring a download cable for the camera.  The first weekend we were there I borrowed a company rental, a Mercedes van, and by dead reckoning found my way to an electronic store I had briefly seen a week earlier while driving into the city.  Prior to this day I had never driven a vehicle outside of the U.S. or Canada before.  I got behind the wheel and couldn’t move for 15 minutes.  It was like I was a teen in my first training ride again.  I didn’t get the shakes, but I started to sweat.  I finally collected myself and began to drive.  The first thing I did was make a right turn after stopping at a red light.  You never, ever do that in Germany unless there is an arrow above the light.  There was no arrow.  I didn’t get stopped and found my way to the electronic store with no further incident.  The cable was about 11 or 12 Euro.  The sales people spoke enough English to get me by.  Driving back to the hotel was a breeze.  To park the van outside was a Euro an hour even on weekends, but parking below the hotel, if there were any open spaces was free.  I drove into the dimly lit garage and promptly gouged the van on the passenger side against a concrete post!

3761 St Josef Weiden Germany3761 Towers and Spires of St. Josef, Weiden in der Oberpfalz, Germany.  From the internet photos I’ve seen of the interior walking into the church is well worth the visit.  Unfortunately, we never went inside.

3770 Unteres (Lower) Tor Weiden Germany3770 Unteres Tor, Weiden in der Oberpfalz, Germany.  The lower gate to the old central city.  The area encompassed by the upper and the lower gates is mostly shops, restaurants, ice cream parlors, and pubs.  Oh, and one Burger King.  The McDonalds is 2 blocks away in another part of the city.

3797 Oberes (Upper) Tor Weiden Germany3797 Oberes Tor, Weiden in der Oberpfalz, Germany.  This is the upper gate looking in from south to the north.

3805 Altes Rathaus from Oberer Markt Weiden Germany3805 Altes Rathaus from Oberer Markt, Weiden in der Oberpfalz, Germany.  This is a post card shot of the old city hall.  It stands alone within the common area or square.  Shops are all around.

3826 St Michaels from entrance3826 St. Michaels from its Entrance Gate, Weiden in der Oberpfalz, Germany.  St. Michaels is just off of the common area where the old city hall stands.  The onion dome of the church seems to tower above anything nearby.  The church has very little room around it, just enough for a wide walkway on the sides.  The entrance gate is very constrained.  It was too tight for my lens.  On the computer I had to do a lot of cropping and skewing to get the lines almost vertical.

3848 Jewish memorial3848 Jewish Memorial, Weiden in der Oberpfalz, Germany.  In the park next to St. Josef Cathedral is this memorial to 34 Jewish citizens of the Weiden area who were killed or died in Nazi Concentration camps.

3891 Palace of Justice facade Munich Germany3891 Palace of Justice Façade, Munich, Germany.

3911 Glockenspiel closeup Munich Germany

3914 Cityhall & Glockenspiel Munich Germany3911, 3914 Glockenspiel, City Hall, Munich, Germany.  Two views of the world famous Glockenspiel.  It runs 3 times a day in summer and once daily the rest of the year.  We just caught it for its first showing at 11:00 am.  The Glockenspiel has 43 bells and 32 life size figures in the mechanism.  It is kind of like a giant clock with a lot more going on than just the cuckoo.

3944 Temple of Diana Munich Germany3944 Temple of Diana, Munich, Germany facing the palace.  I had to wait a while for pedestrians to clear for the photo.  Meanwhile a small ensemble was playing music under the dome hidden by the shadow.  Behind me was a fountain.  Newly weds were there posing for pictures.

These next entries are Flossenburg Castle or Flossenburg Concentration Camp.  Flossenburg is a small, very picturesque town in the rolling hills near the border of the Czech Republic about 16 miles from our hotel & half of that distance is Autobahn.  I drove there with a companion.  This was the second time I drove in Germany, but it was my first time driving an Autobahn with no speed limit.  My companion, a lawyer, seemed perfectly confident in my ability.  He was right in his assumption.  We got there & back with no issue.

4012 Flossenburg Castle Germany main level view4012 Flossenburg Castle, Ground Level, Flossenburg, Germany.  The castle dates from 1105, but its first reference as a stronghold dates from 948.

4020 Flossenburg Castle Germany from below looking E4020 Flossenburg Castle, Flossenburg, Germany.  Roughly this is a view from west to east.  To me the castle resembled a great ship in the ocean.  There is a walkway & ladder all the way to the top of the tower.

4030 At the top of the Castle4030 At the top of the Tower Keep, Flossenburg Castle, Flossenburg, Germany.  I don’t usually include photos of myself, but here’s one at the top of the tower.  The plate at the lower left has pointers to various landmarks.  A stone nearby states the elevation is 745 meters or 2444 feet.  The buildings in the distance are a camping & recreation area.

4031 Flossenburg Germany from inside Tower Keep4031 Flossenburg, Germany.  A view of part of the town from inside the tower.  There are holes in the tower walls on at least 3 sides.

4033 Main level looking E Flossenburg Castle Germany4033 Flossenburg Castle, Flossenburg, Germany.  Another view looking approximately east.

The concentration camp was not a lark.  The displays were graphic, and many of its infamous relics remain,  The original inhumanity of the place is quite a contrast to the way it appears now as a serene park & memorial.  Nothing prepares you for this.  My emotions were very hard to control and made it difficult for me to speak.

4060 Inmate Death Certificate Flossenberg Concentration Camp Germany4060 Death Certificate and Witness, Flossenburg Concentration Camp, Flossenburg, Germany.  This is the death certificate of Zygmunt Sierakowski, born August 1, 1925, shot dead June 13, 1941.  The form is signed by the SS camp physician Dr. Oskar Dienstbach.  Sierakowski was not quite 16 years old at his execution.  I purposely included my reflection in the photo.

4109 Crematorium Flossenburg Concentration Camp Germany4109 Crematorium, Flossenburg Concentration Camp, Flossenburg, Germany.  Shot in the late afternoon I used no flash which allowed me to get the warmth of the light in the room.

4110 in The Valley of Death

4121 The Valley of Death4121 The Valley of Death, Flossenburg Concentration Camp, Flossenburg, Germany.  Behind me is the crematorium.  In front of me is where many prisoners were executed.  The triangle shaped mound is a burial site for the remains of some of the prisoners.  On the ridge above is the Chapel of Jesus in the Dungeon.  It incorporates a former camp watchtower as part of the church.  Out of the frame on the left of the ridge is the Jewish chapel.

4123 Jewish memorial Flossenburg Concentration Camp Germany4123 Jewish Memorial, Flossenburg Concentration Camp, Flossenburg, Germany.  The first word on the stone is the Hebrew word ‘yad’.  In temple it is the pointer used to point out the word being read from the Torah, The Five books of Moses.  It also means hand and sometimes it means finger.  Yad is meant as a memorial.  The word is probably used this way to memorialize the dead, and so point back to the living to remind them of what happened.

4137 Jewish Chapel skylight Flossenburg Concentration Camp Germany4137 Skylight, Jewish Chapel, Flossenburg Concentration Camp, Flossenburg, Germany.  I was particularly impressed by the simplicity of the skylight.

My last day in Germany that September was spent mostly in the hotel packing or reading, but I took some time off to walk around town.  A marathon was being run that day.  Many streets were blocked off with tape.  Race officials were everywhere.  As it happened the end of the race was in the center of the old town near the old city hall.  I walked up there to get a few photos.  What I shot were pictures of the background, or the infrastructure of the race.  Specifically I looked at the emergency vehicles.  My eldest son Aaron is a manager for an ambulance company.  The little I’ve learned of the ambulance business comes from him.

4149 Emergency vehicle

4151 Emergency vehicle4149 & 4151 Emergency Vehicles, Weiden in der Oberpfalz, Germany.

4158 Band's trailer

4159 the band4159 & 4158 The Band and their Trailer, Weiden in der Oberpfalz, Germany.  Their website is still active, although completely in German.  The music from this group was pure 50’s & 60’s American oldies in English, and rendered very well.  The crowd was rocking out, dancing, and enjoying every moment.  If you have the money to hire live music for your Bar Mitzvah, Birthday, Wedding, Anniversary, Quinceañera, or whatever then this is the group for you.  For me it was an amazing example of how worldwide American Pop Culture has spread.

4160 Supervisors vehicle4160 The Supervisor’s Vehicle, Weiden in der Oberpfalz, Germany.  St Michaels is off to the left of the first aid tent.

And of course my favorite…

4161 The Crew hard at work4161 The Crew hard at work.