U.S.S. Midway, San Diego, CA., Jan. 9, 2013

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12 8922 A-6 Intruder

I did a visit to the Midway on July 21, 2012.  A post is in this website detailing that visit.  My son & daughter-in-law wanted to tour the Midway so after we left Seaport Village we drove the short distance to the aircraft carrier. Hopefully this post will show some items not covered in that …
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The Carousel at Seaport Village, San Diego, CA., Jan. 9, 2013

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8 8846 Carousel horses

While visiting in Southern California my son and daughter-in-law wished to visit San Diego to tour and see some friends.  We drove to the Seaport Village area on the water that is adjacent to downtown San Diego.  First we had lunch, then we walked around. Within Seaport Village is an old carousel.  By old I …
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Ahwautukee, AZ, Jan. 5, 2013

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There is only 1 photo here so there is no featured image.  This is a bit of an offbeat tale about a photograph that just kind of happened.  Fran & I were in Arizona to meet our son & daughter-in-law.  They are going to move to Phoenix in the summer because he got a job …
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New Mexico & Arizona, Nov. 2, 2012

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13-IMG_8696 Window Rock

We stayed in Gallup overnight & got out of the motel early in the morning.  We were headed for the Biste Wilderness in Northwestern New Mexico.  The day dawned overcast and this was quite a surprise.  I had been on the road since Oct. 8 with beautiful American Southwest weather, hardly a cloud in the …
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New Mexico, Nov. 1, 2012

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3-IMG_8509 CC Entrance fisheye

This will be a short post despite all the pictures I took this day.  The photos will be déjà vu with a few landscapes.  To me nothing is exceptionable, but some of you may like the trees. Fran & I started the day in Tucumcari, NM & were on the road just after 8:00 am.  …
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Oklahoma & the Texas Panhandle, Oct. 31, 2012

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5-IMG_8324 Grave of Geronimo

On the 30 th I told Jonathan we were driving to Lawton, OK where we would stay the night.  He was appalled and told me not to go there.  He had spent 3 or 4 agonizing months there while doing his army Officers Training Course.  He didn’t like the place then and still doesn’t now. …
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10-IMG_8288 The Alamo

Fran & I had nothing planned Monday the 29th until late afternoon.  Casting about for things to do in Austin she told me she had never seen the Alamo.  That decision made we left our hotel somewhere after 9 am to avoid some of the rush hour traffic and off we went to San Antonio …
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Central Texas, Oct. 28, 2012

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3-IMG_8231 Lampasas County Courthouse

I had been in El Paso, TX working since early October.  My October posts from the 8th, 13th, 20th, & 21st detail some of my adventures.  On October 26 Fran flew into El Paso to meet me after my job was completed. The following morning of the we bade El Paso good-bye and began a …
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5-IMG_8214 3 rivers school

One of the great things about the American Southwest, and especially about New Mexico is the Catholic Churches & Missions.  These Mission Churches were brought in by the Spanish then over time the churches (and the religion) have changed and blended with the local cultures. Mission churches such as Rancho de Taos, Pueblo de Taos, …
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This shows the excavated site of the Jornada-Mogollon people who lived in this area hundreds of years ago.  The site lies about 300 yards south of the ridge line that features the petroglyphs from the last post. There is no featured photo on the home page for this post.  Also, I loaded the signposts in …
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